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« on: March 08, 2012, 01:45:04 PM »
Ketchikan….The Alaska Department of Fish and Game today announced the following information
concerning the Craig/Klawock spawn-on-kelp pound fisheries.
The 2011-12 herring winter food and bait fishery in Section 3-B and District 4 closed by regulation on
February 28, 2012. Unharvested quota allocated to the winter food and bait fishery will be added to the
spawn-on-kelp fishery. The final winter bait harvest was 310 tons. The spawn-on-kelp fishery is allocated
40% or 2,738 tons of the total 6,847 ton guideline harvest level (GHL). The GHL for the Craig/Klawock
spawn-on-kelp fishery is the portion of the unharvested bait quota added to the 2,738 tons available. This
gives a total GHL of 6,536 tons. This is above 1,000 tons of herring, which provides for the maximum
kelp allocation.
The kelp allocation for pounds that will be in place for the 2012 season is as follows (5 AAC 27.185):
Single Permit Closed Pound: 600 blades;
Double Permit Closed Pound: 750 blades per permit;
Triple Permit Closed Pound: 1,125 blades per permit;
Single Permit Open Pound: 250 fronds or 2,500 blades;
Multiple Permit Open Pound: 750 fronds or 7,500 blades per permit.
All pound operators are reminded that they must have a current Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission
limited entry permit prior to introducing kelp or herring into their pounds. All Macrocystis kelp harvesters
must have a kelp harvest permit prior to harvesting kelp for a closed or open pound. These permits must be
in the possession of the pound operator and kelp harvester at all times during the fishing operations.
Macrocystis kelp permits will be available in all Southeast Alaska Department of Fish & Game offices
beginning Monday, March 12, 2012.
Craig/Klawock SOK page 2 of 2 March 8, 2012
The Craig/Klawock pound fishery will be open for purse seining starting at 12:00 noon Saturday, March
17, 2012 and will close by emergency order on April 30, 2012. Seining will be allowed on a continual
Spawn-on-kelp fishers and processors should read the SOUTHEAST ALASKA HERRING SPAWN-ONKELP
POUND FISHERY: 2012 MANAGEMENT PLAN for an overview of the management approach
and regulations for the 2012 season. The plan is expected to be available by March 12. The 2011-2012
STATEWIDE COMMERCIAL HERRING REGULATIONS booklet contains detailed regulations for
this fishery.
News releases web site: http://documents.cf1.adfg.state.ak.us/TopicContents.po.
Office Ketchikan Petersburg Wrangell Sitka Juneau Haines Yakutat
ADFG 225-5195 772-3801 874-3822 747-6688 465-4250 766-2830 784-3255
ABWE 225-5111 772-3983 874-3215 747-3254 465-4000 766-2533 784-3220
Herring Hotline 225-6870 747-1009 465-8905


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