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Author Topic: SITKA SOUND HERRING FISHERY UPDATE #2  (Read 2122 times)


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« on: March 19, 2012, 08:17:20 PM »
The department conducted an aerial survey this morning covering Sitka Sound, and areas south to Redoubt Bay and north to Salisbury Sound. Spotting conditions were good with light winds. No herring were seen during the survey. Herring predators continue to be scattered throughout the northern areas of Sitka Sound. Approximately 280 sea lions and 23 whales where seen during the survey with the highest concentrations seen near Old Sitka Rocks and to the north along the Lisianski Peninsula. Ten whales were seen scattered in the area from Guide Island to Vitskari Rocks and one whale was seen near Makhnati Island. Approximately 30 sea lions were seen between Kasiana Island and the Parker Group.

South of Sitka there were few herring predators observed except for approximately 40 sea lions seen in Silver Bay. The next aerial survey is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21.
No roe test samples have been taken to date. This afternoon, a seine boat was on the grounds and prepared to take make a test set, however, the herring were holding in deeper waters and unavailable to seine gear. The department will be seeking another effort to obtain a test sample tomorrow.

The department plans to dispatch the R/V Kestrel from Petersburg to Sitka when roe samples indicate the need to put the fishery on 2-hour notice. A pre-fishery organizational meeting will occur no later than March 25 and may be scheduled earlier if the fishery is placed on 2-hour notice before then.

Permit holders wanting to make practice sets may do so in the deeper waters of Eastern Channel south of Jamestown Bay.

Updates will be posted on the ADF&G web site listed below, and on a recorded message phone at (907) 747-1009.


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